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Designing a digital identity for an impact-driven, green PR agency

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Harpswood call themselves the can-do communications agency for a reason.

In the last two years, they have rapidly elevated the media profiles of a number of high-profile environmental organisations. Most notably, they have delivered the comms strategy for £3.5bn energy giant: Octopus Energy.

Their direct, action-oriented approach sets them apart in the PR field, and they needed a visual identity + digital presence to reflect this. The Harpswood ethos is closely aligned to that of my own - with a sole focus on clients that make the world better, fairer and cleaner. Harpswood commissioned AKA to deliver on a brand identity, content strategy, website and a series of social media templates.

Together, we ideated a number of visual routes that spoke to their drive, productivity and impact. Conveying the personality of the organisation and the people within it was vital  - so we focused on bold, bright designs and people-focused photography. We landed on a central 'arrow' motif, tessellated in the brand's forest green + bright pink palette.

Check out Harpswood's new website here - and hear from founder James Clench:

"Alice is the single-most important person we worked with at Harpswood in the last year. We asked her to help us rebrand from our old identity, as it no longer represented the agency we had become. We work with organisations who are having a positive impact on society and wanted that reflected in our new look.Alice walked us through the process, teasing ideas out of us and somehow magically translating our vague thoughts and notions into a coherent and stylish set of colours, fonts, motifs and images.She then delivered us social media templates and a new website in a matter of weeks. She worked faster and more efficiently than anyone else I’ve worked with in this field and everything came in on time and on budget.We were thrilled with the final brand design she created. It fizzed with life and brought joy and pride into the agency.I can’t imagine Harpswood looking any other way – and I can’t recommend Alice highly enough."

Designing a digital identity for an impact-driven, green PR agency
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