Brand design + website

Creating the world's first accelerator for climate non-profits

2020 - Present
Creative Consultant

Subak is the world's first non-profit accelerator that scales climate impact through data, policy and behaviour change. Their goal is to connect climate data and tech innovators to help save the planet. Subak enlisted me to build a brand identity and website that drew on their origin story.

Named after a cooperative water management system developed for Indonesian rice fields in the 9th Century, the Subak system allowed for the sharing of critical resources (water) to ensure the survival and growth of the community. In the case of the Climate Subak, water = data. In keeping with the name, the brand visuals centre around the concepts of irrigation and flow. The design process culminated in a series of graphic tributaries or 'silicon rivers'. The visual language was created to reflect dynamism and connectivity; uniting the natural, water-based theme of Subak with the world of data & tech. This also influenced our choice of language for the Subak product suite, namely the ‘open data reservoir' and ‘four stream accelerator'.

I've continued to support Subak through their launch and programme development, assisting with design and strategy

Creating the world's first accelerator for climate non-profits


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